Kashmiri Khusboo Non Veg Dishes

Mutton Rogan Josh (Kashmiri)

Rogan Josh is an aromatic lamb dish of Persian origin which later became the signature dish of ” kASHMIRI CUISINE”.You must be wondering how i jumped from Hyderabad flavours to Kashmir cuisine abruptly. Just one reason behind it . and that is, i’m gonna be living in J&K for the next few years. This is a part of preparing my mind to accept and enjoy the region with its rich flavours. My hubby is already bribing me with Kashmiri silk and hand-made embroideries to accompany him to Jammu.He describes about the landscape , Saffron , Pure basmati rice and the beautiful cottage where we will be living for summer in the Summer capital , Srinagar.:)
I thought of doing my bit by cooking a Kashmiri dish to make my family ready to move to this beautiful place with a fresh mind .Rogan Josh means cooked in ghee or clarified butter at intense heat.
Thanks to Vahchef for the wonderful recipe.
So, here is the recipe of the best lamb dish of the country tried out in my kitchen. Cook, share , eat & enjoy!
Mutton 500 g
Black cardamom 4 n
Cinnamon sticks (small) 4 pieces
Green cardamom 6 n
Mace 2 n
Cumin seeds ¼ ts
Saffron pinch
Kashmir Red chilly powder 1 ½ tb
Ginger powder 1/2 tb
Fennel seed powder ¼ tb
Hing pinch
Ghee 2 tb

1.Make a powder of cinnamon, maze, cumin seeds and green cardamom using a mixie or blender.
2. Heat ghee in a thick bottomed vessel . Add the meat into the heated ghee in slow flame.Add salt to taste., Cook the meat until it gets roasted to golden brow colour.
3. Take a bowl and add the hing first. Now add Kashmiri red chilli powder,dry ginger powder, fennel seed powder ,saffron and make a watery paste by adding some water.
4. Add this watery paste to the already roasted mutton.
5. Pour 3 glasses of water into the mutton and cook in slow flame for 1 hour. ( If you are in a hurry, u can even cook it in pressure cooker. 6 whistles., Once cooked , transfer it into a pan for further cooking for better taste)
6.Now add the garam masala powder (which you have already powdered in the first step) to the mutton and cook for another 30 minutes. Add some more water if necessary.
7. The more time time you cook on slow fire, the more tastier the Rogan Josh will be. Choice is yours.:)