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Appam & Egg curry ( Kerala cuisine)

Appam is a breakfast delicacy of God’s own country. Any kind of stew , veg or non veg; will go along very well with this dish. It’s not very difficult to make Appam if you care about the minutes involved in the process of making batter and fermenting it. Let’s see how Appams can be made at home.
Rice – 2 cups
freshly grated coconut – 3/4 cp
sugar – 3 tbsp
salt – to taste
yeast – 1/4 tsp
( If you are using dry yeast, you need to add it to 1/2 cup warm water along with some sugar and keep aside for 10 minutes. This is done to make the yeast active before adding it into the batter. Instant yeast can be added directly into the batter.)
1. Soak the rice in lots of water for 6 hours.Wash and keep aside.
2. Grind the soaked rice and coconut in a mixie using some water. Do not make the batter too loose . It can be of Idly batter consistency.
3. Now in a small pan, add 2 tbsp of this batter and 2 tbsp of water. Bring it to boil. Once it boils ,add it directly into the batter and stir well. Your batter will be slightly warm now. This procedure is done to make the batter warm enough for the yeast to be active. Now add the yeast and some more sugar into the batter. Stir well and cover it with a lid. Let the batter ferment for 8 hours.Add salt to taste before you start making appams. Stir the batter once again just before you make appams.
4. Heat a small non-stick kadai/Appam chatti and add one ladle of batter in the middle. Now use both your hands and rotate the kadai in a way that you are creating a lacy appam with a thicker middle part . Cover and cook on medium to slow heat until the middle part is cooked. Now take out the appam slowly from the sides without breaking.
Enjoy hot with egg curry, meat curry or stews.

Kerala Breakfast delicasies Non Veg Dishes

Authentic Christian Kerala Chicken Stew

This subtle and aromatic dish hails from God’s own country. Chicken stew is cooked in Kerala Christian families for any special occasion. This dish goes along very well with Appam or Idiyappam. But, to be frank, I relish the experience of it’s beautiful taste even with rotis , dosas and parattas too. Mild spices are used to give that heavenly aroma to this dish.Here comes the recipe. 🙂

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Serves- 4
Preparation time – 20 minutes
Chicken – medium sized pieces – 350 gm
Potato – 200 gm
Green chillies – 4 to 5
Onion – 1 big sliced
ginger minced – 2 tbsp
black pepper corns – 6 nos
Green cardamom – 3
cinnamon – 1 inch stick
Star anise – 1
Bay leaves – 2
Coconut milk thin – 1 cup
Coconut milk thick – 1/2 cup
Curry leaves – 2 strands
water – 1 cup
oil – 2 tbsp

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Method for cooking chicken stew
1. Heat 2 tbsp oil in a cooker. Add cardamom,cinnamon & star anise into the hot oil in low flame and saute for few seconds. Now add the finely sliced onions and ginger into the cooker. Saute till the onions starts sweating.Now add chicken and potato pieces ,green cillies and pepper corn along with salt to taste. Sauté for a minute.Add bay leaves and one cup water now. Close the lid and wait for 3 whistles.
2. Open the lid and check the consistency. Add thin coconut milk and boil for 2 to 3 minutes. Add curry leaves now.Switch off the flame and add thick milk now. Mix gently.Do not boil after adding the thick milk as it may lead to separation or curdling off milk.
3. Serve hot with Appams or anything u like.

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Are you a chicken lover? Then check my other posts for Dragon chicken,  Chicken Xacuti, Restaurant style Butter chicken at home,Murgh Hirwa masala,Kerala chicken stew.

You may even like Grilled chicken recipes in different spices. Hyderabadi Dum chicken is from the Nizam’s cuisine.

Kerala Breakfast delicasies

Idiyappam/Nool puttu with Potato stew

It’s the rice flour pressed into noodles form and then steamed. People love it for their soft texture and curly noodles feel. Potato stew goes along very well with Idiyappam.This dish is mainly cooked in south indian kitchen , no matter in which part of the world these kitchens are! 🙂
Idiyappam recipe
Idiyappam flour – 1 cup ( easily available in super market. If not, use finely powderd raw rice)
Water – 1/2 to 3/4 cup
salt – to taste
Take the flour in a flat plate and salt.Add the super hot water little by little to the rice flour and make a soft dough. Knead it well.
Fill the Idiyappam maker with the prepared dough . On each idly space, sprinkle one tspn freshly grated coconut .Press the Idiyappam maker in a circular motion on idly plate on top of the sprinkled coconut in the form of long strings.
Steam it for 10-15 minutes. When u press it it shouldn’t stick to your hand. I used Idiyappam plage and steamed it in Idli Cooker.
Potato stew
In a cooker , boil 2 big potatoes peeled and cut into big pieces, 2 slit green chillies, ginger juliens 1 tsp adding 1 cup of water to it. 3 Whistles are gud enough. Once the lid is opened, add thick coconut milk into it and mix well. Add curry leaves too. Pour some coconut oil/any vegetable oil 1 tbsp over the dish and mix gently.Your potato stew is ready.

Kerala Breakfast delicasies

Puttu with Kadala curry.

If you ask me about my comfort breakfast food item, Puttu along with Kadala( Bengal gram ) will be in the top of my list. It offers you a perfect balance of Carbohydrates, protein and fibre along with great taste. I’m sure any Keralite is gonna agree with me on this . It’s easy to make and will be a good start for your Sunday mornings. Srilanka and many other Asian countries have variations of Puttu in their cuisine. All you need to get is the trick to mix the rice flour with the right amount of water to make it moist yet not too wet. There is an old funny saying which keralites have about Puttu. If you ask someone about the ways he had spent all the money he had; the most funniest expected answer would be ” I had puttu for all the money”. In Malayalam ” Njan puttu adichu”. 😉     This show cases the love keralites have for this breakfast item. Kadala curry made with a ground fried coconut paste along with mild masalas goes along very well with rice and roti as well.Check out the recipe given below just for you .

Recipe (Puttu)

rice flour (slightly coarse) – 1 1/4 cup ( Puttu rice flour is eaily available in super markets)
Salt to taste – 1/2 tsp
Fresh grated coconut – 1 cup
water – 3/4 cup
You will need a Puttu Steamer.
1. Put the rice flour in a wide bowl . Add the water slowly and mix it with rice with your fingers. Make sure that you are not pouring all the water to the flour in one go. It may make your flour stick too much.DO NOT squeeze the flour. Use gently crumbling action of the fingers to break all small lumps and get a feathery light puttu mixture.
2. Refer to the pic for the preferred consistency.
3. Now add 3 to 4 glasses of water in the bottom part of the steamer and bring it to boil. This is going to provide the required steam for cooking puttu.
4. Place the perforated steel disc on the bottom of the steamer cylinder.
5. Add 1 tbsp of grated coconut on the steel disc and on top of that add 4 tbsp of puttu mixture. Now add one more layer of coconut and puttu mixture on top of that.
6. Cover the steamer with the lid and place on top of the bottom part of steamer which is already there on the burner. (refer step 3)
7.Steam for exactly 6 minutes and remove the cylinder from pot.Please do not touch the steel side of the cylinder as it will be very hot.
8.Use the pick that comes with the steamer (or a chopstick) to gently ease out the ‘log of steamed puttu’ onto a flat plate.
9.Repeat the same procedure for the remaining flour.
Serve Puttu with Kadala curry or any meat or egg curry for a spicy breakfast. If you have a sweet tooth, you can have puttu mixed with banana and sugar.

Recipe (Kadala curry)
Black gram – 250 gm
Fresh grated coconut – 1/2 cup
red chilli pdr – 1/2 tbsp
coriander pdr – 1 tbsp
Garam masala/ Meat masala – 1 tsp
coriander leaves – For garnish
Curry leaves – 2 strands
Onion – 1 big (finely chopped)
Tomato – 1 small(finely chopped)
ginger – i/2 inch piece

1. Soak Bengal gram (kadala)over night for 8 hours.
2. Cook the soaked kadala in a cooker . Add 1 1/2 cups of water, turmeric powder, salt in the cooker along with the kadala.Wait for 5 whistles and then simmer for 10 minutes.
3. Now let’s prepare the masala.
a. Heat 2 tbsp of any oil ( preferably virgin coconut oil) in a pan. Add half of the finely chopped ginger to it.Once the ginger leaves a nice fried flavour, add finely chopped onions to it. Mix well until the colour of the onion turns golden brown. Now add red chilli powder and coriander pdr. Saute well for 2 minutes.Add i strand of curry leaves to it.
b. Now it’s the time to grind this masala in a mixer with 1/4 cup of water to a fine paste.
c. Add this ground masala paste to the already boiled kadala in the cooker. Mix gently and on high flame, bring it to boil.Add garam masala now.Now let it simmer for 3 minutes. Add the remaining curry leaf strand and coriander leaves to it.
4. Transfer the kadala curry which is ready now in the cooker to a serving dish.
5. For seasoning, heat i tbsp oil in a small pan. Add mustard seeds, red chillies and curry leaves to it.Please make sure that the mustard seeds crackle fully.
6. ENJOY this heavenly dish with Puttu, rice or even roti.