Versatile Blogger Award

Awards & Recognitions

 1.   Versatile Blogger award
My first experience of being nominated for The versatile Blogger Award is overwhelming !!! Thank you Anjali from It’s All About Food for finding me worthy of this and it indeed gives me a lot of courage and confidence to continue with my work.I get truly inspired from your wonderful space in Blogosphere .I would love to nominate you for The versatile Blogger Award for your outstanding creativity in your blog!

Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

7 things about me !!!

  1. A simple soul who hates conspiracy and appreciates real people.
  2. I love my family more than anything in the world .
  3. Still believes in fairy tales and have no idea at what age I should stop doing it.
  4. I like to be a listener more than a talker in social gatherings.It helps me observe and learn human nature and different behavioral patterns.
  5. I want myself to be interested in tidying up my house myself rather than depending on maids. But I don’t think it’s easy.Always fails. 😦
  6. I don’t like arguments and raised voices on silly stuff. Silence is so beautiful.
  7. I love ethnic decor and gets inspired from brass and wooden artifacts.

Now comes the 15 awesome bloggers I find inspirational !!!
1. It’s All About Food.
2.Traditionally modern food.
3. Chitra’s Healthy Kitchen.
4. aahaaram.
9.spice N Flavors
12.Indian curry shack

2. One lovely Blog Award


First of all , I would like to thank Anugya from to consider me for this wonderful award. I feel extremely happy and motivated to continue with my work …This is the wonder recognition does to you! Anugya Sudan Oberoi is an inspiring food blogger ,who is blessed with amazing talent. Her super cool recipes will help any one create wonderful dishes from Pav Bhaji to Punjabi Tadka and much more in the kitchen.