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Stuffed and pan-fried chicken breast

Last few days, I was under medication and light food due to health issues related to seasonal change and stress. My hubby, who is a  marathon runner other than being a flyer, troubles me at times by calling me “delicate darling” . According to him, people fall sick just because they don’t run. I find it very hard to agree with him . His kids are making me run all through out the year without a break. Isn’t that enough for me??? 😉
Ok, now that I’ve regained my health, I wanna bite some meat today. Why not cook some chicken. I’ve got three chicken breasts in the fridge and I decided to cook all three of them in three different spice combinations. Needless to say, my family enjoyed it.
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1.Chicken breast – 1
2.ginger garlic paste – 1 tbsp chilli powder – 1/2 tsp
4.turmeric pdr – 1 pinch
5.lemon juice- few drop
6.cinnamon powder – 2 pinch`
7.All purpose flour/maida – 3 tbsp
8.salt – to taste
9.oil – 2 tbsp
10.Cheese – for filling
11.spinach leaves – 2 big leaves
1. Slit the chicken breast through the middle for making room for filling .Rub the ingredients 2 to 6 and salt on the inside of the chicken breast as showed in the pic below.
2. Arrange the filling spinach leaves and cheese inside the chicken.
3. Now close the slit of the chicken breast and apply some salt and lemon juice on the outer portion of the chicken.Marinate for 3 hours
4.Dust the marinated chicken with maida which is salted and spiced up with cinnamon powder.
5. Pan fry the dusted chicken breast in shallow method using very little amount of oil. Turn the ides and cook until the chicken is fully cooked.

  1. Once the chicken is cooked, Flame using whisky to bring that glaze to to your chicken.. Refer the pic below to see how to Flambé.

1 bruise the chicken without spoiling the shape for faster cooking.

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