Thank you for taking your valuable time in dropping in at my blog. I feel highly honoured to be considered worthy of your time and effort. I’m trying here to preserve the recipes of happy moments which were cooked at my kitchen. The recipes are collections from my travels, tasting and grandma’s gift.Some recipes are my own which were evolved out of my improvisations. Found them good enough and got approval from those who’ve tasted it. So, i thought of sharing it with you.I thank my family, friends and followers and fellow bloggers for the encouragement i receive from you.

Your feedbacks are my fuel. Feedbacks give me an opportunity to improve myself and do better. Appreciations make me feel so happy that i find it impossible to put it in words here.Food, Food photography and food expeditions thrills me and keeps me happy and going! Join me in my journey to explore the tastes of different culture and cuisines in a different way. Please don’t forget to let me know your take on my blog and recipes. Looking forward to interact more with you. Thank you !!!
Any kind of queries on my recipes and food are most welcome. You can ask queries under each dish at comment section or mail me at

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